Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"They was no where to run."

pencil, pen and ink on vellum, 12x16", re-touched and added digital

The Morgue

 The double doors had locked behind them. George and Anna had no alternative. They had to go through the morgue.George turned as the amulet around Anna's neck began to glow. Moans and scuffing sounds started from every side.

Anna froze. 'The dead are awakening!'

Slowly, the first corpse dragged itself from a nearby autopsy table. As they backed away another shuffled into view, and then another. More corpses came until a lurching horde of cadavers surrounded them. There was nowhere to run.

This was my first attempt to render in photoshop. Being very new to the digital realm in art, I figure it would be beneficial to see what level I can get to in a practice run painting digitally. There is still a little bit of a disconnect between screen and tablet, but it is a great tool to learn!