Friday, August 26, 2011

~Let it Flow~

20x7", watercolor, ink, colored pencil on arches hot press paper.
In going through an artist-block, I was directed to my 'little savior' as I call him. The words my inspirational partner said to me on this most eventful day (I must tell you reader that this block was going on for about a seven month period), directed me to re-think myself as an artist and as a thinker. I have been trying to be the best (like Borris, Julie, or John) in the swiftest path that my artistic ability allowed, which I felt at the time should be instant. But, thanks to my partner, Chris, I was taken aback from his words. Those words made me sit and think, not forcefully, but just think. Once I felt I was ready, I retrieved a piece of scrap to just doodle, but I saw a pre-cut piece of Hot Press that directed my mind into another direction of thoughts.
Therefore, I had this interest to paint a sky (didn't really know how, just went about it). Yet, the sky didn't seem right to me, and with that I shorten it a bit (which is the explanation for the abrupt edges of the mountain and clouds). This then led to that protruding grass-covered mountain-peek. Before I completed this, I was captured by how I painted the arched atmosphere the clouds displayed, creating a perfect framed in area that seemed empty. That was when my little savior came in. When taking my time in coming up with the idea of this creature, I took my time to make sure I got the idea out just the way my mind pictured him. With that, my mind just seemed to 'click' with formality, clarity, inspiration, and ability. I now have a firmer grasp of ideas and a constant flow of ideas. As I am still growing as an artist, I now have an idea I always fall back on. This piece and how it reminds me of that period of time which then reminds my mind the process it went through to unlock my potential ideas.
Who knows, maybe this will be a cover to a book someday.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Man of the Hour

Headdress of the Crow
graphite and pen/ink. 18x24"
I have been drawing only women lately only because of the fact that a woman's figure has a larger range of versatility to my subject matter than that of a male figure. But I came upon myself to start not with the initial idea for a whole piece, but with the figure itself. I searched for a photo and started there. What ever came to my mind I just drew on the paper. I also promised myself to not change anything once I put it down, gave my mind a 'feel of the moment' kind of thought process. 
I drew what I felt; a way of chance and choice. Which is why you see reminisce of crows and black feathers since I have been seeing crows everywhere and just felt at the time to give them inspirational justice. I did very much enjoy just being able to put any design-like element anywhere I wanted on the piece. It was a fun and free process. I think because of this piece I will probably be drawing more male figures from now on. I really enjoy the curves in this figure, still very feminine, but still masculine.