Thursday, December 29, 2011

They Speak in Silence

 "Reflection of Age,"Ceramic, approx 1 1/2ft x 1ft

"Look into my Eyes", Ceramic, approx 1 1/2ft x 1ft.

"Forever Frozen" ceramic, approx. 2 ft x 1 1/2 ft
After my previous piece, I have gained experience to make another entirely different fountain gargoyle. One thing that you may notice that may seem out of the ordinary with this piece is the shell statically placed between the 2 coiled pieces up top of her head. The reason for this is because the top head dress part of the woman's forehead broke off during the first firing, leaving a blank and vast space. Once I saw it in this state I, was mixed about how I felt about it. Although I loved the top part of her forehead, where a coiled leaf like structure broke of into three different parts, without it gave another personality to her. And as I said before and as my Professor has told me, with clay come adaptability. Either way, once I find, or even make, some other peice to really complement her more, I will post it up ( maybe even a small vessel holding an ivy plant). Until that time, enjoy her beauty in all her imperfections.

"Guardian of the Waters" ceramic, approx. 1 1/2 ft x 1ft. Glazed with Phannessa's Green
This was my first attempt at the soft slab idea. Although this idea came from a complete failure of the very first attempt on the idea, I was glad that I had to start all over again. Working with clay has given me a sense of patience that no other medium has given me thus far. With clay, one has to form every aspect but be open to the fact that the clay will initially tell you what it wants and what it can do. Ultimately, I have learned the valuable skill of adaption, because, with clay, you have to form with it, not it forming to you.