Sunday, February 15, 2015

Aesop's Fable: The Lion and the Three Bulls (second time around!)

watercolor, pen, digital, 9x18"

An example made for my own need to explore the fable as well as to represent one of my style and development examples for my upcoming mid-term 'test' for my MFA.

It's not Christmas....Yet

watercolor, colored pencil, adjusted digitally

Merry Christmas! (in February) 

Another Old-Timer

Old Farmer
oil on cardboard, 18x24"

The Old Fisherman

pastel, BFK reeves

"Another day and another sun rise to be blessed surrounded by big blue."
My first successful pastel painting. I look at it and think back to my best friend saying, "You have found your medium."
(Or at least, another one that I can actually use well!)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Another Horse, Another Day

Love, 11x14", watercolor, pen

This is Love. She is part Arabian and, as far as I know, part Quarter Horse. In her mid-20s, she still is a kind soul with strength on the trail rides. 

Horse portraits/commissions in any medium are welcome and wanted. Please contact me via email in my "About Me" section, for more information.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Friends Came to Visit

This was a fun painting. After advertising at Boulder Range Horse Farm in Southampton, MA about painting horse portraits for their owners, there was a line of commissions for my work. I am happy to say that I am grateful for the support of these people and I am having so much fun with it!

This is Kiki, owned by a woman named Debbie. One thing that Debbie stressed about Kiki was she is very attentive, and would stop to watch a hawk fly by, or a barn sparrow perch on the fence etc. Knowing that, I was able to work with the idea to create a friendly portrait with her attentive personality.

A Little Creature Design to go with your Horse?

Once and a while, I go on a creature spree. These are somewhat small (no bigger than 5x9", pen), but they still have great potential to develop into something better someday. You never know, I may use one of these for my thesis book I a writing, or even use these as practice ideas for my digital painting skills.....maybe someday soon...

Some thanks to the wonderful artist Terryl Whitlatch, for her inspirational book and drawings.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Aesop's Fable: The Three Bullocks and the Lion

"The Three Bullocks and the Lion"
pen, watercolor, digital, 9x6"
Example for part of my Thesis.

Aesop for Children (1919)


A Lion had been watching three Bullocks feeding in an open field. He had tried to attack them several times, but they had kept together, and helped each other to drive him off. The Lion had little hope of eating them, for he was no match for three strong Bullocks with their sharp horns and hoofs. But he could not keep away from that field, for it is hard to resist watching a good meal, even when there is little chance of getting it.

Then one day the Bullocks had a quarrel, and when the hungry Lion came to look at them and lick his chops as he was accustomed to do, he found them in separate corners of the field, as far away from one another as they could get.

It was now an easy matter for the Lion to attack them one at a time, and this he proceeded to do with the greatest satisfaction and relish.

In unity is strength.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Just a Hint of Wanderlust in the Tides

watercolor, pen (dragon and designs), digital painting/altering/collaging, 11x17"

For a scholarship I am applying for. Had fun with it. If you look close enough, you may see the small silhouette of a man in the crow's nest.

Nautical map reference and use: