Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Gardian

16x20", watercolor
This piece illustrates a certain location in the park near the house I grew up in. There, a dead tree lays, surrounded by tall, thinned stemmed, green plants with small orange flowers. This small valley of florescent green is encompassed by these ridges of leaf-covered floors of moss and grey colored trees.  When I first discovered this area, I sat upon a fallen tree, just over-looking this serene place. And that is when I saw him; a little guardian that protected this miniscule place of purity. I saw how it lived amongst this small place, helping the small bright orange flowers grow, and how, perched on his branch, stayed alert over his proud garden nurturing to its every need.

At first, I attempted to practice on a separate surface to try and figure out how John Howe rendered his foliage, which is established in so much of his work. Yet, I had some trouble understanding his techniques, therefore, I stuck with what a knew with some more experimentations. I will keep practicing. I hope that I can properly execute this place someday, because I really want to show my audience the true magic that this small encompassed place had to offer, with all its detail.