Thursday, October 9, 2014

Some Friends Came to Visit

This was a fun painting. After advertising at Boulder Range Horse Farm in Southampton, MA about painting horse portraits for their owners, there was a line of commissions for my work. I am happy to say that I am grateful for the support of these people and I am having so much fun with it!

This is Kiki, owned by a woman named Debbie. One thing that Debbie stressed about Kiki was she is very attentive, and would stop to watch a hawk fly by, or a barn sparrow perch on the fence etc. Knowing that, I was able to work with the idea to create a friendly portrait with her attentive personality.

A Little Creature Design to go with your Horse?

Once and a while, I go on a creature spree. These are somewhat small (no bigger than 5x9", pen), but they still have great potential to develop into something better someday. You never know, I may use one of these for my thesis book I a writing, or even use these as practice ideas for my digital painting skills.....maybe someday soon...

Some thanks to the wonderful artist Terryl Whitlatch, for her inspirational book and drawings.