Tuesday, January 14, 2014


watercolor and pen, 22x33" (forgive the picture, I will be uploading a different one once I have proper lighting, otherwise my computer won't upload any image that has adjusted colors, for some odd reason)

Blodenwedd means 'flower face' in welsh. This piece was inspired by the story of this woman, born from broom and meadowsweet flowers, who was turned into an owl after murdering her husband for another. 
She was meant to be the thing that represented the hight of beauty in Celtic mythology. I am sure you feel that the face of beauty should have a strong sense about her, a confidence. Instead, I gave her not a stern proud face of beauty,  but an expression of confusion, unassured thoughts, and innocence. For some reason  I felt this way when I read her story because the king Lleu llaw Gyffes had her made from magic to be his wife. She had no choice in the matter. Which then lead to her feelings for Gronw Pebr, the Lord of Penllyn, who included himself in the conspiring murder of the King. The King was then murdered and turned into an eagle. Blodenwedd was then turned into an owl by the witches who created her as punishment. 
But was she wrong to go for true love? Wrong to murder, but not to love. You decide.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Patiently Waiting

Watercolor, 11x5"
I have been influenced by the New England weather lately, and seeing how I never have tried snow before I figure I have some practice.