Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"They was no where to run."

pencil, pen and ink on vellum, 12x16", re-touched and added digital

The Morgue

 The double doors had locked behind them. George and Anna had no alternative. They had to go through the morgue.George turned as the amulet around Anna's neck began to glow. Moans and scuffing sounds started from every side.

Anna froze. 'The dead are awakening!'

Slowly, the first corpse dragged itself from a nearby autopsy table. As they backed away another shuffled into view, and then another. More corpses came until a lurching horde of cadavers surrounded them. There was nowhere to run.

This was my first attempt to render in photoshop. Being very new to the digital realm in art, I figure it would be beneficial to see what level I can get to in a practice run painting digitally. There is still a little bit of a disconnect between screen and tablet, but it is a great tool to learn!

It's Real to Children

 watercolor, colored pencil, 8x12"
Inspired by Children and how they remind us that there is more than just what we have in front of us to learn from and imagine.

Dinosaurs, Horses, and Beastly Ladies....What's not to love?

pen and ink on vellum, 9x12", re-touched and added lines digital

Even though my fighting figures didn't fit too perfectly with the environment, it was still a great turn out for a perspective practice. This was a project that I enjoyed very much! First starting with the fighting figures with an idea of what kind on environment to put them in, then putting clothing on them with patterns, then placing them in the environment. My initial idea for my figures wasn't working with the intense perspective I had to apply to this project, so my idea just changed. The more I developed on my vellum, the more ideas with dinosaurs came into the work.

pencil, pen and ink on vellum, 9x12", re-touched and added lines digital
pen and ink on vellum, 9x12", re-touched and added lines digital

"Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...."

 pen and ink on vellum, 9x12", added lines and touch-up digital

You may not see it here, but there is a lot of other elements to this work that made it into the piece you see in front of you. During the pain-staking Perspective for Illustrators class I just had, I have learned a lot from how to plot reflections in perspective, to how to draw all things in perspective with four simple constructions. Through the many failed attempts, this was one of the couple I deem worthy for my audience.
What I like the most about this work is the mirror. As a child I always thought of the Queen's mirror as a huge, powerful character that comes with a huge and powerful influence to the Queen's everyday life. All of my peers and friends told me they never have seen that interpretation before and really enjoyed that. I am glad that I was able to show how I felt about that mirror, in all its grandeur.

"Goldy-Locks and the Three Bears"

watercolor, 10x18"
My children's book version of Goldy-Locks and the Three bears. This was the stage where, in the manuscript, baby bear says, "My bed was slept in and there she still sleeps!" With the surprised look on his face, he looks at the audience, demonstrating his astonishment with the given situation. You may be wondering why this is a blonde bear? Well I had a twist with The story. 

Copyright/Dedication Page, watercolor, 10x18"

My version was related to the Kermode Bears, which are a subspecies of the North American Black Bears living in the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia, Canada ("Spirit Bear Facts." Province of British Columbia. Retrieved 2009-12-03). These bears are considered "Spirit Bears" which are prominent figures in the oral stories of the indigenous people in the area. They are not related to the polar bear, they are not endangered, nor are they their own species. Just a gene that pops up in the bears' births every now and then. But, I was just fascinate about them, and the fact that, to me at least, are not popularly known to the general public. Through my art, I am hoping I can bring that which is not known from this world to the eyes of my audience.

A Coffee Cup for You

watercolor, 11x14"
This was a concept assignment on the topic "Coffee Shop Advertisement." I had so much fun with this piece with its different cups, sizes, shapes, and even slight play on perspective. Each cup had to be a different color, water-to-paint ratio, a study of dampness, as well as fun and playful designs!