Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Work In Progress

The finished project!
 "Domare"(latin for Tamed)
 Watercolor, graphite, white ink on watercolor paper. 18x24"

The reason why I gave it this name is because it is the first thing that I see in her eyes when looking at the piece. Generally, the audience can go either way with. One may think with the woman's muscular features, she contained the strength to subdue this massive creature. Yet, her eyes display such a passive look, as if she is giving in to the beast itself. Either way, both subjects display strength and power but submissiveness and dominance rules the composition. Just another way to interpret how we may feel as if we hide the unwanted quality in us, but we just show both in different 'strengths and weaknesses'.

Round three. Its coming along fairly well. I am in shock as to who the water is coming out. This was my first time attempt to paint water. At first, I took a glanced at one of John Howe's pieces, where an ocean serpent was attacking a ship, to comprehend how one goes about painting water. I can see by his piece that it was fairly, well, watery. If you are reading this and you are a growing artist, I give you a challenge: If you don't know how to paint/draw/create something, look at a reference for only a moment or two, put it away, and try to work from what you have in your mind or what you already know. Don't be afraid to play around with art! The only way an artist learns something is to jump right into it. Even if you are afraid you might ruin it, just create. I was on this piece, but it is coming out quite well for my first try.
Second round of this piece as it goes along. Yet, college has been giving me too much busy work that prevent me from really putting all my energy and effort into this piece. So it is taking a bit longer than usual. But little by little this maiden will take people's breathe away.

Untitled (at the moment)
I've been asked lately from my peers to put up some pictures of a piece in progress. Of coarse, this piece is a couple of steps ahead compared to its drawing stage. It is my first true attempt to paint a figure and everything around it with watercolor. But, I have to thank my good friend Danny for the human. Without his unique way to painting a figure with watercolor, I would not fully understand how to paint it, and his stuff is just amazing so look him up please!