Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Man of the Hour

Headdress of the Crow
graphite and pen/ink. 18x24"
I have been drawing only women lately only because of the fact that a woman's figure has a larger range of versatility to my subject matter than that of a male figure. But I came upon myself to start not with the initial idea for a whole piece, but with the figure itself. I searched for a photo and started there. What ever came to my mind I just drew on the paper. I also promised myself to not change anything once I put it down, gave my mind a 'feel of the moment' kind of thought process. 
I drew what I felt; a way of chance and choice. Which is why you see reminisce of crows and black feathers since I have been seeing crows everywhere and just felt at the time to give them inspirational justice. I did very much enjoy just being able to put any design-like element anywhere I wanted on the piece. It was a fun and free process. I think because of this piece I will probably be drawing more male figures from now on. I really enjoy the curves in this figure, still very feminine, but still masculine.